Robot assembly on Mars

The National Aeronauts and Space Administration (NASA) is calling on all accredited U.S. universities to submit proposals for early stage technology development that will support long-term plans for human exploration of Mars and other scientific study of our solar system and beyond.

NASA is looking for proposals that will benefit its space program, other government agencies and the greater aerospace community.

Notices of intent to submit proposals to the Early Stage Innovations Appendix of NASA’s Research Announcement, “Space Technology Research, Development, Demonstration and Infusion 2015 are due June 12, 2015. Final proposals should be in by July 10.

The proposals may cover transformative space technologies in different fields including planetary exploration capabilities, such as payload technologies for assistive free-flyers and robotic mobility technologies for the surfaces of icy moons; material science, such as discrete cellular materials assembly, repair and reconfiguration, and computationally guide structural nanomaterials design; optical communication for space using integrated photonics; atmospheric entry modeling development using data from first flight test of NASA’s Orion spacecraft in December 2014; and high voltage power management and distribution electronics for space applications.

According to NASA, about 12 awards will be given out this fall, with total award amounts of as much as $500,000. Research and development efforts will take place over two to three years.

Information on how to submit proposals can be found at:

For more information about NASA’s investment in space technology, visit:


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