With Boeing and SpaceX selected for taxiing astronauts to the International Space Station we’ve taken another big step forward in the emerging new space race.  “Today’s announcement sets the stage for what promises to be the most ambitious and exciting chapter in the history of NASA and human spaceflight,” NASA Administrator Charles Bolden told reporters today.

Boeing will receive $4.2 billion to build its CST-100 spacecraft, a vehicle it has been working on for the past four years, while SpaceX will receive $2.6 billion to create an upgraded rendition of its Dragon spacecraft, aptly named Dragon Version 2.  SpaceX already has a lot of experience with the original Dragon transporting cargo from Earth to the International Space Station.

Not only are the costs expected to halve from the current arrangement with Russia but the new craft will seat an expanded crew of seven astronauts.

Read the full announcement here:  http://blogs.nasa.gov/bolden/2014/09/16/american-companies-selected-to-return-astronaut-launches-to-american-soil/


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  1. Sven Radavics 4 years ago

    So many ways to debunk the moon landing hoax myths.


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